Shopping For Wedding Dresses in Athens, GA

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Oct 28

Are you ready to say yes to the dress? Then I have the perfect place for you to go shopping for wedding dresses in Athens, Ga. 

You’ll find the cutest and most adorable bridal shop, right outside of Athens, Georgia. In downtown Watkinsville, is a loft space, which houses Sakred Bridal. I’ve been to quite a few wedding dress stores in my time, but this one is my favorite! Inside the loft space, is a dress selection of curated gowns for the modern bride. Prices range from 1,500 to 5,000 or more with select options. The styles that offered have a timeless elegance that do not age with trends.

What I like most about Sakred Bridal is how beautiful the inside is. Natural light floods the space. Large private dressing rooms, with long velvet curtains, gives you privacy. A velvet blue couch, and gorgeous dresses top it all off. You’ll really enjoy shopping for wedding dresses at this store!

wedding dresses at Sakred Bridal

Time Frame of Dress Arrival

The perfect time frame to start shopping for your dress is 10-12 months ahead of your wedding date. Wedding dresses are made to order, meaning once you buy your dress, the designer then starts making it. Because of this, it takes 4-6 months to see your dress come in. Then you’ll need to allot extra time for alterations. So, you should start shopping for your dress, as early as a year before your wedding. I’ll have another post soon, where I go into more details about dress shopping. 

Additional Services Offered

Besides selecting the dress, Sakred Bridal offers a Wedding Day Shepherd service. The morning of the wedding, the bride and her party, meet with the “shepherd”, for prayer time and devotional. Afterward, they help by assisting the bride with any needs she may have for the day. This service was very surprising to me, as I’ve never seen another bridal store offer anything like it.  To help prepare you for the moments that you’ll be walking down the aisle, this service is very helpful to have.

Sakred Bridal wedding dress store

How to Visit

You’ll have to make an appointment, as visiting the shop is by appointment only. This makes the shopping experience more elevated. Appointments are usually 90-minutes long. You have the option enhance it with a charcuterie board to snack on; while you try on dresses.

If you’re ready to start shopping for wedding dresses , then book your appointment, by visiting Sakred Bridal’s website and click over to their contact page. Come back here and let me know how it goes. Enjoy!

shopping for wedding dresses in Athens, GA

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  1. Cassie says:

    I don’t live near Athens, GA, but I may have to make a trip when I am in need of a wedding dress! These look gorgeous from what I can tell. The inside is gorgeous with the lighting and amazing ceilings! I love that the shop has a shepherd service as well to assist on the day of the wedding. Thank you for sharing!

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