Each offering gives you an easy and simple process, tailored with an experience rooted in hospitality.

Service Offerings

Full Service

This service is tailored for couples that want a wedding professional to handle everything involved with a wedding. You'll leave all the planning, designing and production details to me; as I take careful considerations into each and every element, hand-selecting a vendor team, and giving you a concierge level service.


This service is for couples that want a dedicated professional wedding planner, to handle all the planning and logistics, that are required for a wedding. You will rest easy knowing that I'll plan and manage all the details, meetings, and vendors; that are necessary in making your wedding a beautiful and stress-free day.


Wedding Management

This service is for couples who value a creative wedding professional, with a strong eye for design. Your wedding day should be a true representation of who you are as a couple. I'll be intentionally designing each element, through mock-ups and sketches; making the overall design cohesive and thoughtful.

If you're managing all the planning details yourself, but would like to pass on the many responsibilities of the wedding day, to a professional; this service is for you. I'll give my intentional care to every facet of your wedding, so that you can actually enjoy your day.

"Entertaining seeks to impress,
hospitality seeks to bless."

Jen Wilkin